Replace Edge, Microsoft Launches the Latest Edge Chromium Browser

After being tested a few months ago, Microsoft officially released its newest browser, Edge Chromium.

This browser has faster performance than the previous version of Edge. Edge Chromium is a collaboration between Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft made this browser on a Chromium base like the Google Chrome browser. That is, Edge Chromium has features and capabilities that are similar to Google Chrome as one of them is extension support.

Even the user’s history, passwords, and bookmarks that previously existed in Google Chrome can be synchronized with Edge Chromium. Not only features, but it also looks quite similar to the performance that is equally nimble.

However, there is a slight difference between Edge Chromium and Google Chrome. Microsoft buried more sophisticated security features so that user privacy can be better protected from attacks in cyberspace.

Microsoft also reportedly has equipped this latest browser by embedding anti-tracking features to protect user privacy.

Summarized by The Verge, Microsoft also began working with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies to distribute Edge Chromium in new products.

Thus, electronic devices such as laptops and PCs equipped with Windows will be equipped with Edge Chromium. Although it has been officially released, currently the ARM64 version on Edge is still not available.

In addition, this browser is also claimed to have supported 4K image quality on Netflix and Iflix. Currently, Edge Chromium can be downloaded manually through the official Microsoft page.

But in the next few months, Microsoft plans to release Edge Chromium through Windows 10 updates to replace the old version. Edge Chromium is now available for devices with Windows and macOS operating systems.

Later Edge Chromium will also be present on Android and iOS devices.