Microsoft Edge Is the Official Name of the New Windows 10 Browser

Answered is already one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10. The new browser which is projected to be a successor to Internet Explorer finally gets an official name, which is Microsoft Edge.

Yes, the name is taken from the rendering engine that is the brain of the browser with the Project Spartan codename. When viewed from another perspective, the choice of this name also means that the logo bearing the letter “e” belonging to Internet Explorer that is well known to many people will not just be history.

At the same time, the name Microsoft Edge is also based on a philosophy that is quite interesting, where on the one hand (edge) you will consume content through this browser, and on the other hand, you will also be creative with it.

But what’s the meaning of a name if there are no new advantages that can be exhibited. In its latest build, Microsoft Edge packs an attractive new New Tab page in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Not only display bookmarks and frequently visited sites, but this New Tab page will also display curated news based on user interest in certain topics studied by Cortana.

Google Now-style information cards, which display weather forecasts and the like, also get a special room on the New Tab page. Likewise, application recommendations can be downloaded directly through the Windows Store.

Another advantage offered by Microsoft Edge over Internet Explorer is the web extension feature. In his presentation, Joe Belfiore as Vice President of Microsoft explained that extensions or plugins belonging to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can be presented to Microsoft Edge with just a slight modification of the code.