How to Overcome Mozilla Firefox Can’t Open

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that is quite popular among Internet users. As a web browser, Firefox can also run into problems. One of the possible problems is that Firefox won’t open. Even though there have been many ways such as reinstalling, Firefox still cannot be opened.

For those of you who use Mozilla Firefox and your computer or laptop using Windows 7 or above, here’s how to deal with Firefox that can’t be opened:

1. Press Windows key + R on Computer Keyboard.
2. Type firefox.exe – P, then click “Ok”.


Next, a Firefox window will appear – Choose User Profile (Select Firefox User Profile). Create your profile in the following ways:

– Click the “Create Profile …” button.
– Click the “Start Firefox” button.


Now your Mozilla Firefox can be opened again, but all previously saved data will be lost such as bookmarks, add-ons, and others. If you want to restore all data that has been stored in Firefox, please copy the new default profile file, as follows:

1. Enter Windows Explorer, then do the following:
– Click “Organize”, click “Folder and search options”, click “View”, click “Show hidden, files, folders, and drivers”, click “Apply”, click “Ok”.

2. Enter Local Disk (C), then do the following:
– double click “User”, double click the user name (user account), double click “AppData”, double click “Roaming”, double click “Mozilla”, double click “Firefox”, double click “Profiles”. Please copy and paste the file.