How to display the Menu Bar in the Mozilla Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox is one of the free web browsers of choice to open web pages. Users make many choices in Firefox because it supports a lot of extensions (add-ons) that can be installed to expand the web browser’s functionality. The browser created and developed by the Mozilla Foundation has become a browser that is also dominantly used and sought after by cyber surfers.

Its long existence and long journey, now Mozilla Firefox appears more elegant and simple, like today’s modern browsers. The graphical interface is more dominated by free space, there are only a few text boxes for writing web addresses (URLs) and search as well as a few shortcut buttons at the bottom and top corner.

You will no longer find the menu bar that is actually needed to access certain commands more quickly. Has the Mozilla Firefox browser developer removed the menu bar? By default, the menu in the Mozilla Firefox browser is only hidden. If necessary, you can display the menu again. The following is how to display the menu bar in the Mozilla Firefox browser:

1. Run your Mozilla Firefox browser.


2. Press the ALT keyboard button to display the menu bar but it is only temporary and will close automatically when doing other activities.


3. If you want the Mozilla Firefox browser menu bar to be displayed permanently, click the View menu, then click Toolbars and then select the Menu Bar.


4. The menu bar will be displayed whenever you use the Mozilla Firefox browser.