My blog has been in a state of comatose for more than a year now and I’m excited to announce that it has finally woken from its long slumber! I’ve never been a big fan of blogging but I always made it a point to write a post once in a while to keep the community abreast with what I was up to. And then...alas, my laziness got the best of me in 2013 and I completely stopped posting anything. Like an abandoned garden invaded by thick prickly weeds, my blog got saturated with spam comments which rendered it unusable, requiring a lengthy and tedious clean-up and update of my blog platform (ie. Dotclear) which I naturally kept postponing to that ever-elusive “when I'll have more time” moment...

Anyway, this state of affairs obviously had to come to an end. I’m working on so many new exciting projects right now that this wretched laziness has been supplanted by a renewed enthusiasm to blog and share!

A lot has happened since my last blog post. The Mozilla Reps program, which I had been working on for more than 2 years, has made leaps and strides and is now in the able hands of Brian King and Rosana Ardila. This passing of the torch coincided with my switching teams last December, joining the fantastic CBT (Community Building Team) and reporting to Mozillian-extraordinaire, David Boswell. In my new role, I'm focusing my time on supporting functional teams across the project and helping them design for participation.

This blog reboot is all about sharing updates and insights on these new exciting projects and partnerships and all the great stuff the CBT is working on to help grow and strengthen Mozilla's contributor base.

Happy reading (I hope)!