As we near the end of 2012, I wanted take a moment to reflect a bit on the program and share some thoughts on what I think we, as Mozilla Reps, achieved since we launched in the summer of 2011, and what we plan to achieve in 2013.

The Mozilla Reps program (aka ReMo) was created to help grow and strengthen Mozilla's global volunteer community, the backbone of the Mozilla Project. It is an essential driver of the Mozilla's Community Engagement team's efforts help grow and strengthen our contributor base, promote Mozilla, our products and contribution opportunities all over the world.

Through ReMo, we created a simple framework and a set of tools that could help push responsibility, accountability, capability and authority to the very edges of our community. Only 18 months into the program, what we have accomplished as Reps far exceeds the hopes anyone of us had back when ReMo was just a project idea.

At year's end, here's what the program looks like in numbers:

  • 375 Reps in more than 70 countries
  • 945 events organized
  • 2.3 events per day directly supported by the program
  • 700+ applications to the program
  • 450+ subscribers to the mailing list
  • 2877 monthly reports filed

The central theme that guided our efforts this year was "strengthened leadership". We focused a lot of our energy not only on supporting and building up leadership within our respective communities, but also within the program itself. To that end, we widened the mentorship circle to include close to 30 Mentors, and consolidated the Council (ReMo's elected governing body comprised of 7 volunteers and 2 staff). Mid-year, in Berlin, the Council and Mentors met and worked tirelessly for 3 days to assess, design and build new initiatives and components for the program. Mozilla Reps' hybrid, distributed and community-driven leadership, is what makes the true strength of the program and is what I'm personally most proud of, as a Rep.

2012 was filled with so many truly awesome events, initiatives, programs, activities led by Reps, it would take me days to list them all. Off the top of my head, I can think of the following highlights this year : Matjaz's presentation to the Slovenian Parliament to talk about SOPA and an open web under threat ; Mozilla's Hispano's incredible booth at EBE in Sevilla, Spain's largest social media conferece, and Jun and Bob's truly impressive appearance on prime-time television in the Philippines to talk about Firefox OS. All three examples are perfect illustrations of how passionate Mozillians, empowered with the right tools and resources, can represent Mozilla in their region and have a profound impact on how the people public think about the web, understand Mozilla's mission and products, and ultimately learn how to contribute to the project.

Next year promises to be an even more exciting year for Reps. The momentum that we've built, the keen interest that teams across the organization are expressing in the program, the strong leadership within the program and the new tools we will build for Reps, will make Mozilla Reps a truly transformative program for Mozilla.

2013, here we come. En avant!

2012 ReMo highlights selected by Mentors:

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