ReMo Camp 2012 - brandenburger tor

As I wipe dust off of this blog, I wanted to get back into blogging mode to share a long overdue summary report of the Mozilla Reps Camp 2012.

As you may know, Mozilla Reps leadership, comprised of both council members and mentors, met in Berlin earlier this month for a 3-day camp to do a sanity check on the program and to plan the road ahead. It was a very productive (and at times intense) meetup but we still managed to have a bit of fun along the way :) It took a little bit longer than planned to add the final tweaks to the report, but that's what you would expect when asking 27 Reps to review a document!

I think that all those who were able to participate in the Camp came home energized, focused and more determined than ever to continue to help drive the program and ensure that it reaches its full potential. Without a doubt, the Mozilla Reps program can have a deep impact on the Mozilla project as a whole by dramatically improving the way we support and build Mozilla's contributor base around the world. And that impact is already being felt.

In just over a year, we have more than 350 active reps in more than 60 countries. We have organized or supported more than 650 events (1.4 events/day), we have funded hundreds of project and distributed Mozilla swag to many countries we had previously never been active in. We have dozens of SIGs forming to leverage the program, and more and more project leads across the Mozilla organization are discovering the potential of the program to help them raise awareness and recruit more contributors to their respective projects. Last but not least, we have a beautiful and powerful platform

While the future of the program looks extremely promising, there are of course many challenges ahead, and we need to continue to strengthen the program's leadership, build more awesome tools, raise awareness of the program and push authority/responsibility to the edges to best address them.

The summary report contains a synthesis of what was discussed in Berlin and links to many etherpads with detailed action items, deadlines and their owners. I strongly encourage you to download the document here

I'll finish by sharing with you our high-level takeaways from the camp:

  • ReMo is gaining a lot of momentum and is set to become a transformative program for Mozilla
  • ReMo's leadership base is growing and is more empowered than ever
  • ReMo will play a critical role in supporting Mozilla's organizational goals around B2G, Fennec and Desktop and is a central to the Grow Mozilla initiative
  • A new governance structure and widespread improvements to mentoring, tools and communication will dramatically improve the efficiency and impact of the program
  • In our first year, the focus was on “quantity” to effectively roll out the program – the focus must now be on “quality”
  • Accurately measuring the impact of the program on Mozilla's organizational goals is critical
  • ReMo still needs to become a household name at Mozilla – there is still a lot of work to do to educate Mozillians about the program and to encourage project teams to effectively leverage it
  • Reps need support from automated platform to perform with efficiency their everyday tasks and operations. This platform will be essential for providing metrics to the program. It's newest version 0.3 soon to be released will be a major step towards this. (UPDATE: 0.3, set to be released in only a few days now - get ready for something big ;-)

A BIG HUGE thank you to all those who participated in the Camp - one of the most memorable and productive events I've attended as a Mozillian.