Program update

Rep of the month:

- Congrats to Soumya Deb!

Upcoming events led by Reps:

- Mozilla Senegal Tour (Dakar, Senegal) - Mozilla Hack Day Nairobi (Nairobi, Kenya) - Bi-annual Aviary.PL meeting (Gdansk, Poland) - Mozilla Spring Awakening (Zagreb, Croatia) - MozCafé Palestine (Jenin, Palestine) - Rewics 2012 (Charelroi, Belgium) - Mozilla Day - Medea (Algiers, Algeria) - Open Web Workshop (Toronto, Canada) - DFYA (Melaka, Malaysia) - Build Your Own Game (Manila, Philippines) - MozCafé Manila for Student Reps (Manila, Philippines) - Expo ASI (Manizales, Colombia)

SOPs currently being updated:

- Mentoring:

- Swag Management:

- Creating your profile:

- Monthly Reports:

WebDev update:

- Pierros to make a surprise announcement very shortly… :)