First off, a very happy new year!

One of my new year's resolutions is to blog more and I'm glad it only took me 2 weeks to actually publish my first post :)

And what better way to start the year by announcing a new member on the Contributor Engagement team! I'm very excited to welcome Giorgos Logiotatidis who is joining us as a full-time webdev contractor to help us build the baddest, raddest, awesomest web portal for the Mozilla Reps program (aka ReMo). Until now, ReMo has been fully wiki-based and with the tremendous success and growth of the program, we're now ready to take ReMo to the next level. Giorgos, working closely with Pierros, will not only be building a new website, but will also develop new functionalities and tools that will dramatically improve and enhance the work of Mozilla Reps. Stay tuned for ReMo webdev updates on the wiki planning page.

When not hunched over his computer writing Python, Giorgos brews beer with friends, enjoys photography and swings to the sound of swing jazz (bringing it to 2 the number of self-declared jazzophiles at Mozilla!)

Welcome Giorgos!!!

(photo credit: Pierros Papadeas)