Already a month has passed now since the "MozCamp Week" (yeah, that's how long it took for all that excitement to dissipate!) and without further ado, I'd like send out a bunch of heartfelt thank yous to all those who participated in what were exceptional events, both fantastically organized but also, very rich in content and learnings. Some great write-ups have  ben posted by colleagues and fellow Mozillians who were in Berlin (here, here, here, here and also here) and in Kuala Lumpur (here, here , here and here)

And of course, the camp has also been visually immortalized by some very talented photographers (here and here)

On the long list of thank yous, I'd first like to thank my team-mates on the Contributor Engagement team who have, once again, redefined for me the words "cool", "zen", "team cohesion". A big hat tip to our events agencies on the ground, Wolffs Produktionen (Berlin) and Go Internation (Kuala Lumpur) who were so helpful behind the scenes, always there to ensure that things ran smoothly and make sure those occasional logistical hic-cups were dealt with before we even had time to notice. Very special thanks go to the track leaders and support staff (Havi Hoffman, Laura Forrest, Dave Berz, Zandr Milewski, Shyam Mani, Paul Rouget, Greg Jost, Lee Tom, Sean Martell, Atul Varma, Spencer Hui) who spent long hours helping us design a rock-solid programme, recruit inspiring speakers and assist us whenever we needed a little hep.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank all the Mozillians who traveled, some from several thousands of kilometers, to share, work, discuss, challenge, brainstorm, question, hack, present, debate and soak in all that Mozilla energy condensed over a weekend. Seeing in person the passion and drive of hundreds of Mozillians from the four corners of the world, under one roof, is a powerful and truly humbling experience. Perhaps more than anything, I look back and I observe with pride how many new communities that have recently sprung up and are doing fantastic work to build a better web in parts of the world where Mozilla had, until recently, been  absent. Mozilla is indeed moving ahead, and fast and there's nothing more thrilling to see this community alive and kicking in new parts of the world. 2012, here we come !!!


Here is a cool video recapping both MozCamps (hat tip to Spencer and Rainer!):

Here is a presentation the Contributor Engagement team prepared summarizing the key learnings from both MozCamps:

We also have video of the presentation which is being edited and when I have it, I’ll add it to this post.