I wanted to give a quick update on MozCamp Europe 2011 planning and preparations. We're nailing down the last logistical details as I'm writing this, before we dive in deep into building the program and content with Mozillians. I'm thrilled to announce that we've secured the Kalkscheune as our official venue, a landmark building located in the heart of Berlin and perfectly catered for the intense interactive and collaborative event MozCamp Europe is set to  be. 

The general theme of MozCamp this year will be "Many Voices, One Mozilla",  celebrating our diversity and unity as Mozillians.
As an organization we've embarked upon some new and exciting initiatives, taken on ambitious goals and grown immensely.  It's time to come together, have some important discussions, explore new opportunities, stretch our skillsets and do some celebrating along the way.  Proposed tracks are:

  • Product & Technology Track: Sessions will focus on the product vision and roadmap for desktop and mobile
  • Skills development and community growth:   Sessions for this track will focus on professional skills, best practices in terms of building and growing communities and more.
  • Engagement/regionalization: Sessions in this track will focus on our engagement efforts and how to best bring Mozilla to the world.

Based on these tracks, the two-day conference will begin with morning  keynotes followed by presentations, discussions, hackfests, work sprints  and few other fun activities!

As  for all Mozilla events,  the conference will be a collaborative effort  from beginning to end,  starting with the crafting of the program schedule itself. Based on the overall theme and tracks mentioned above,  if you're interested in giving a talk or leading a session, please make sure to submit a proposal to the planning team at mozcamp [at] mozilla [dot] com.  

Combined, MozCamp Asia and Europe will bring together more than 500 Mozilla staff and leading Mozilla contributors from all areas of the project. While the main focus is on community leaders and active contributors to all area of the project (l10n, platform, QA, SuMo, etc.), MozCamps also aim to bring up future leaders, those Mozilla contributors who have been particularly active in the past 6 months and represent the next generation of Mozilla leadership in the community. As for all invitation-only Mozilla events, we're still gathering feedback and recommendations from Mozillians to build a robust and solid invitation list, based on the following criteria: 
  • level and relevance of contribution to Mozilla in the past 6-12 months
  • role at Mozilla Camp (eg. speaker, member of logistics/planning committee etc...) 
  • level of activity as Mozilla Reps
  • vouching from community leads
We'll send the first wave of invitations this week and I'll make sure to update the official MozCamp Europe wiki page daily, so check in regularly! In the meantime, if you have any questions shoot me an email, and again, if you want to lead a session at the MozCamp, please make sure to send your talk proposal to mozcamp [at] mozilla [dot] com.