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I'm really excited to announce that starting this week, we'll be rolling out the first of many Mozilla Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Since we've launched the Mozilla Reps program, we've held a lot of meetings and discussions on IRC, across many time zones to gather feedback from Mozilla Reps interested in diving deeper in a particular area (eg. marketing, communications, SUMO etc..) and keen to work more closely with Mozilla staff managing those areas. SIGs are groups designed to help Mozilla Reps to do just that. By joining an SIG, Mozilla Reps can not only deepen their knowledge of a specific area of a project but they can also contribute more directly to it. It's also a unique opportunity to learn new skills specific or not to the project area they've chosen to focus on, ultimately promoting their personal and career growth. For Mozilla staff, SIGs are are unique way to share, gather input, engage and work more closely with volunteers.

Each SIG will be different. Some SIGs will be geared more towards providing more tools for and supporting the existing volunteers, while onboarding new ones. Other SIGs will operate more like small task forces to work collaboratively on specific projects with specific deadlines. Each will be coordinated by an SIG driver who in most cases, will be a Mozilla staff member serving as their team's community steward (see Mozilla's Stewards Program). The first SIG we'll be officially rolling out is the "Communications" SIG, which the Mozilla PR team has done some fantastic work on. We'll be announcing this SIG very shortly. In the following weeks, we'll be launching SIGs around QA, SUMO, Developer Outreach and Marketing.

Stay tuned !