Now that Firefox 4 launch craziness has subsided a bit, and I've come back from Africa (look out for my next blog post), Pierros and I are back in full gear working on the Mozilla Reps program (ReMo). We're adding the finishing touches for a phase 1 launch scheduled the first part of this month so I wanted to give a quick update on where we are and what to expect these next couple of weeks.

ReMo early planning discussions begun late last year, but we kicked things off in earnest back in February when Pierros joined the team, engaging with as many Mozillians as possible right from the beginning of the design phase of the program. A couple of weeks past and we launched the prototype version of ReMo in April, where we tested the sign-up process, updated and fleshed out the program wiki and gathered lots of feedback. We've tweaked a few things to the application process and to the swag/budget request forms as well, and we have now begun the process of migrating the ReMo landing page onto Mozilla infrastructure.

This migration should take another couple of weeks (mainly for QA and security reviews) but because we want to start empowering Mozillians to become reps now, we'll be launching Phase 1 of the program entirely on the Mozilla wiki. Early to mid May, Mozillians around the world, interested in representing Mozilla in their region, will be able to officially apply to join the program and have access to all the ReMo tools we're building.

As always, we're really keen to receive feedback and suggestions. ReMo is, naturally, a work in progress and will constantly evolve. More than anything, it's community-driven, it's Mozilla Reps themselves who will be driving the program, so participation from as many people as possible is crucial, every step of the way. If you haven't already, make sure to sign-up to the ReMo mailing list for regular updates and of course, make sure to check the project wiki to learn everything about the program. Pierros will be giving a short ReMo webdev update on his blog shortly.

Stay tuned for more! :)