To follow up on Pierros's last blog post about the Mozilla Reps governance and organizational structure, I'd like to take a moment to introduce the provisional team that will help coordinate and oversee the program: the Mozilla Reps Council.

As we prepare to officially launch the first phase of the Mozilla Reps program next week, a "provisional" council has been formed which will be replaced, eventually, by an elected council. Staying true to the participative and representative nature of the program, and as Mozilla Reps grows and matures, the council members will be elected for 6 month-terms (or 12 months) by Mozilla Reps themselves, as soon as we introduce a voting system (hopefully by this summer). In the meantime, a provisional council will be at the helm.

This council is a 9-person team made up of 7 Mozilla Reps and 2 Mozilla staff (Pierros and yours truly), responsible for overseeing the proper functioning of the program, mentoring new Mozilla Reps, approving/rejecting specific budget and swag requests, and determining the general course and direction of the program.

This provisional council took shape very organically over the past couple of weeks, during the different discussions Pierros and I hosted on IRC and kicked off on the ReMo mailing lists and I'm thrilled that so many stepped up so quickly and so enthusiastically to help.

So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce and welcome the 7 Mozillians who have graciously volunteered to join this provisional council for the next couple of months:

Each council member has been really active and incredibly helpful from the initial phase of planning, participating in the many planning discussions Pierros and I led on IRC or on the ReMo mailing lists.

As council members, each one of us will be mentoring new Mozilla Reps, coordinating, planning and monitoring the growth of the program with the support of all Mozilla Reps, as we plan for phase 2 of the program this summer.

Please join me in welcoming our fantastic 7 ! To follow the progress of our work, make sure to regularly check the ReMo project wiki.