Just got back (and recovering!) from Skopje. I thought i'd share the email I sent from my phone to all the Mozillians who made the trip to Skopje last meeting, as i stepped off the plane:


I hope you made it home in one piece and not too exhausted from the meetup.

I wanted to thank you all once again for coming out to Skopje for what is arguably one of the most productive, enjoyable and exciting community meetups I've attended and helped organize at Mozilla.

Thank you for bringing all your energy and passion into the meetup and for being so enthusiastic, open, engaging and so awesome to work with.

On an individual level, I hope everyone has learned a lot about the what's in store for Mozilla in the next months, about fellow communities, about our users, about each other and about the deep impact each one of us has on the lives of millions of people.

On a collective level, I hope everyone feels the same enthusiasm that I have about the prospect of working more closely and effectively together and the confidence I have the the 5 audacious goals that were set on Friday will be reached 6 months from now.

It certainly won't be easy, and will require a lot of work, a lot brainstorms, a lot of calls and meetings, a lot of discipline and a lot of Raki!!! ;) but, with the passion and drive I saw over the weekend, I am very confident that these goals will be reached.

Over the next week or so, once the new Balkan mailing list is set up, I'll start a thread to discuss the next steps and to agree on:

- the format and schedule of a bi-weekly Mozilla Balkan conference call
- the lead drivers for each community who will be reporting in the call and keep track of progress for each goal.

In the meantime, I would like each one of you to look back at this fantastic meetup and be proud of what we achieved already.

I'd like to end this email with a very special "THANK YOU" to Gorjan, who tirelessly ensured that everything ran smoothly  from start to finish.  I know that I was 17 year-old, I wouldn't have been able to do a fraction of what he did!



NB: for a full aftermath of the meetup with links to photos, blog posts and slides, click here!

(photo credit: Emil Stanchev)