287px-Prague_DevDay_2009.pngI'm very excited to "officially" announce that we will be organizing the first ever Mozilla DevDay in Prague, on Friday 2 October, 2009. The DevDay will be an opportunity for developers, open source enthusiats and web aficionados to meet Mozilla staff, learn and participate in discussions around the Mozilla Project and its technologies.

Confirmed speakers include Glyn Moody (Tech journalist), Mike Beltzner (Director of Firefox) , Tristan Nitot (President of Mozilla Europe) and Mark Surman (Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation). The conference will be followed by a "Mozilla Hack Session", hosted by Mozilla Labs which will aim to encourage local developers to work around JetPack, a new project that explores new ways to extend and personalize the web. Parallel to the hack session, participants interested in enging in discussions and collaborative scheming about ways to promote the open web will be able to attend an "Open Web Workshop" lead by Mark Surman.

The Mozilla DevDay Prague 2009 is free and open to the public. (FREE REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

For more information, visit the official wiki page : https://wiki.mozilla.org/Prague_DevDay_2009