MMDW 2In a little bit more than two weeks, we'll be kicking off the first ever Mozilla Maemo developer camp in Copenhagen, Denmark. From Saturday 30 May to Sunday 31 May, 2009 Mozilla and Maemo developers from the world over will meet up for 2 days of hack sessions, demos, talks, presentations, discussions, and just plain fun.

This hands-on developer meeting is all about getting software ready for end users. Both Fennec and Maemo 5 will be in beta stage and approaching their final releases. The overall aim of the two days will be to code, test, fix, improve... and most importantly, to have fun! We'll also be organizing a Fennec Add-on developer-challenge with a really sweet prize awarded to the person who can develop the best add-on at the event (voted by the participants). This is the first time Mozilla and Nokia team up to co-organize an event, so we're really not sure what to expect. but that makes it all the more exciting. All we know is that we're going to have one great weekend and some fantastic new stuff for end-users coming out of the event.

MMDW 1There will be a pre-event warmup at 19:00 on Friday 29 May when we throw a loud welcome party at the ITU, Copenhagen's IT university and venue of the conference. We still have a lot of room so if you think you'll be in town that weekend, please do come ! The conference is FREE and OPEN TO EVERYONE, you just have to sign up HERE.

So if you're in a hacking mood and want to participate, or if you know people who would love to participante, please help spread the word, blog about it, make some noise ! We definitely want a packed house and as much hacking as possible :)

Copenhagen here we come !!!