A big up to my dear colleague Patrick, the first of several people who have tagged me and made me feel guilty for taking so much time to "pass on the torch".

Drum roll....here it goes :

The rules.

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1. I spent the first three years of my life on the beautiful island of New Caledonia, 16,726 km from where i currently live.

2. I experienced my first crush at the Uptown Theater in Washington DC, back in 1996. I had gone to see Hitchcock's classic, Vertigo, and remember being completely spellbound by Kim Novak. To this day, I still occasionally have dreams about her and am determined to meet her in person. She is only 75 years old and going strong. So there's hope...

3. I've always been fascinated by the western concert flute. So much so that I decided to sign up for lessons when I was in college. My flute adventure came to an abrupt (and pathetic) end when I realized I was the only one in my class who got ridiculously dizzy after 10 minutes of playing. Blowing and directing air through a hole at just the right angle and velocity is NOT my thing.

4. I eat three chocolate chip cookies and drink a tall glass of milk every night before going to bed.

5. I had a mystical/spiritual/out-of-body experience in Karnak Temple, Egypt, when I was 13 years old. Later, I realized it was just something I had eaten.

6. In high school, I played guitar in a pseudo-hardcore punk band called "Basement Key". Apart from the name, everything else about the band sucked.

7. I once had a kitten I named "Hypeïsha". If you can find a better name for a kitten, let me know :)

Eric, Barbara, Alina, Anthony, Brian, Olivier and iMil, there's no getting around it, you have been tagged.