MAOW keynote session

What a day : 120 attendees, 14 sessions, 2 keynotes, and lots of lines of code.

The house was packed last Saturday in Paris for the first ever Mozilla Add-ons Workshop, an event Mozilla co-organised with Our aim was to get people (developers and non-developers) to get together, talk and learn about Mozilla technologies, open source and of course, about Add-ons. It's safe to say many attendees left the conference with a head full of ideas for new add-ons, others with a much better idea of how easy and exciting it is to contribute to the Mozilla project. I, for one, and am just about ready to embark on a personal mission to develop my first add-on by end of this year mid-2009 !

So a huge thank you to all of you who came, thank you to Brian King and Wladimir Palant for accepting to keynote (and polish a bit of their French) and a very special thank you to Paul Rouget, volunteer extraordinaire and true technical architect of MAOW, who not only led some great sessions, but spent several sleepless nights designing, updating and fine-tuning the conference programme. Paul, how do you do it???

Great photos of the event can be found here, here and also here. More to come shortly...

Now, the question is not whether or not we're going to organize another MAOW in Europe, but when and where we're going to organize the next one !

Ideas and suggestions welcome !

UPDATE : Tristan just published a few more pictures