Windup_alarm_clock.jpgAm back in business after a 2 week hiatus in the US*. Waking up early last Monday morning was a challenge. So much so that it prompted me to place a second snooze-proof alarm clock at the foot of my bed. So be warned fellow colleagues/readers, I might need a couple more days hum... adjust :)

In any case, it's awesome to be back in bustling Mozilla universe right here at my Paris desk. The next couple of months are gonna pretty intense (and lots of fun too !). On the immediate horizon, and what I'm primarily focused on right now, is the Mozilla Add-ons Workshop which promises to be really interesting (already 90 registered attendees !). Then, a short month later, we're organizing the EU Mozilla Camp in Barcelona, which will gather more than 150 Mozilla staff and European contributors for 2 days of sessions and workshops. I'll talk about these two events in more detail in the days/weeks to come.

Short digression : for those who care, i'd like to share with you the sad news that one of my oldest fish decided to part ways with me and join the afterlife while I was away this summer. Tough..yes...but i need to look at the upside of this sad loss : I get a fresh excuse to get new fish ! Yoohoo !

Now, back to work...

(*) these were holidays planned more than a year ago ;)