ReMo ~ Feedback wanted!


As mentioned last week, central to making ReMo a success is gathering as many ideas and as much feedback as we can throughout the design and implementation process. To that end, in addition to blogging regularly about the program, Pierros and I will be holding bi-weekly IRC meetings in #remo on irc.mozilla.org, to give a general status update on ReMo, discuss ways we can improve it and answer any questions people may have.

ReMo is of course a global program, so we want to be global in scope with these meetings. Starting next Thursday, we’ll hold three meetings every other week at the following times to make sure as many people as possible can participate:

  • Asia and Pacific: Thursday at 10:00 AM UTC (first one on Thursday 3 March)
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa: Thursday at 6:00 PM UTC (first one on Thursday 3 March)
  • North America and Latin America: Thursday at 12:00 AM UTC (next one on Thursday 3 March)

We’ll be holding our first meeting next week so please make sure to spread the word and join the conversation!