Grey skies, drizzle, freezing temperatures, dark afternoons…

Yes, you guessed it: FOSDEM is around the corner!!

Thousands of FLOSS users and developers from all over Europe will converge in Brussels on February 5 and 6, 2011, for the 11th Free and Open Source Developer Meeting.


As every year, Mozilla will have its own DevRoom where Mozilla awesomeness will be showcased, discussed, shared and of course hacked during two full days. And like every year, we’ll have a large booth manned by Mozilla staff and volunteers, where FOSDEMers will be able to talk to Mozillians, learn how to contribute to the Mozilla project and of course, walk away with some fresh Mozilla swag.

The big novelty this year, or rather, the big change from previous years is that Mozilla Europe will only be sponsoring travel and accommodation for Mozilla DevRoom speakers and will not be sponsoring Mozilla contributors. As Tristan explains in his blog, this decision comes as we prepare a plan and prepare for the next Mozilla Camp Europe 2011 (date to be confirmed) and future contributor events in 2011. This change in sponsorship policy aims at a couple of things:

– to de-emphasize FOSDEM as a Mozilla contributor meetup and focus more on the event as a unique opportunity for people from other projects to sit in the Mozilla DevRoom to learn more about Mozilla.

– to encourage Mozillians who make the trip to Brussels (and we strongly encourage all Mozillians to make the trip) to spend more time learning and sharing in other DevRooms.

– to allocate more resources for Mozilla Camp Europe 2011 to be able to sponsor more Mozilla contributors to attend the camp and to make it the “premiere” Mozilla contributor event in Europe (NB: I’ll be blogging about it soon)

The official wiki has just been created and will be updated daily until the insanity begins in Brussels. Everyone interested in giving a talk in the DevRoom this year is strongly encouraged to submit a proposal to Brian King, veteran Mozillian and lead schedule architect this year (thanks Brian!!). Please submit your talk proposal to him by Friday, 15th January 2011 at brian at mozdev dot org.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask away! 🙂