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Hanging with the Mozilla Italia crew

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Florence, Italy to meet up with the Mozilla Italia crew. I was there to spend some quality time with them, but also to give them a hand for this year’s Terrafutura sustainable development fair, where they had an exhibition booth.

I was really proud to see Mozilla participating at Terrafutura which is unlike most geek-events we participate in that it’s a non-technical event for everyone and anyone social justice, sustainability, equality and making sure our kids and grand kids live in a healthier, cleaner and more just world.

Of the thousands of visitors who stopped by the Mozilla booth (many of whom are Firefox users), many were surprised to see us there and quite frankly didn’t understand, at first, what Mozilla was doing there. It was heart-warming to see the expression of surprise on their faces slowly morph into one of delight, after we explained to them that Mozilla is a public-benefit organization supported by an army of passionate volunteers committed to making the Internet experience better for everyone. Our raison d’être is to advance the principles of the Mozilla Manifesto. I’m confident that many, if not most of those visitors we spoke to came home to their families at night to tell them what Mozilla Firefox was much more than a web browser. But it was also another reminder that we, the Mozilla community, need to communicate much more and better our mission and why we do what we do.

One way is to participate at more events like Terrafutura. If you know of any in your town or in your country, please do drop me a line, and I’ll make sure Mozilla is present there one way or another.

I’d like to thank Mozilla Italia for being such great hosts, and as always, reminding me how lucky I am to be working with such smart, talented individuals who are so passionate about the Open Web.

On the final day of Terrafutura, I shot a few short video interviews of some members of the Mozilla Italia team, and I asked each one to briefly introduce themselves and share some quick thoughts on the future and what Mozilla could improve or do differently.

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Cologne Community Meetup 2010

koeln_stairsI had the pleasure of attending the second Cologne Community Meetup last weekend. Two years after the first meetup (almost to the day!) Eighteen active Mozilla contributors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg converged in the beautiful city of Cologne (home of the famous Kölner Dom, of this year’s Gay Games and of course, of Summerjam!), to meet, share, present, brainstorm, discuss and agree on a common roadmap for the next 6 months.

The format of the meetup was very similar to the one used in previous regional meetups, where Mozillians began by giving a thorough update and presentation of particular projects they were involved with, namely Firefox, Thunderbird, SUMO, ScreenReader, Sunbird, SeaMonkey, and MDN. This was followed by discussion and debate over challenges and opportunities into the early evening, leading to a 3-hour goal-setting process (pioneered by my colleague Seth Bindernagel) the following morning. While we’re continuously fine-tuning it, I think we have found a regional community meetup format that is highly productive, with just the right balance of presentations, discussion, and interactive brainstorm.

For the goal-setting process, the 18 contributors broke up randomly into 3 smaller teams, each tasked to brainstorm and come up with 5 top goals for the next 6 months, based on the presentations and discussions of the previous day. Then, each team had to present to the group the goals they had identified and then everyone agreed on a final list of 5 goals.

Here are the goals the group came up with (in order of importance/urgency):

Goal (incl. Logo design): setting up the official community hub for german speaking Mozillians was identified as the single most pressing project that needed everyone’s attention and involvement.
Goal 2 – Community-driven PR: making a concerted effort to identify local PR opportunities and to assist Mozillians to be the “local” voice of Mozilla at the city/regional level, coordinating closely with the Mozilla PR team
Goal 3 – Overview of open tasks: with resources stretched thin, a thorough overview of open tasks needs to be conducted and priorities made based on overall 6 month goals
Goal 4 – Calendar/Overview of dates (Events/String-Freezes/Releases): setting up a detailed and regularly updated calendar of Mozilla events/releases/string-freezes etc…
Goal 5 – Regular regional meetings (regional events): leveraging the power of community to organize meetups, conferences, events at the local/regional level and supported by Mozilla Europe

For a more detailed review of the meetup, make sure to check out Kairo’s notes of day 1 and day 2 as well as Robert B’s recap here.For a more detailed review of the meetup, make sure to check out Kairo’s notes of day 1 and day 2 as well as Robert B’s recap here.

And of course, a beautiful set of photos can be found here.

Special thanks to Thomas Lendo and to Hagen Halbach for organizing such a productive, fun and high-quality event. You guys make it look so easy! 🙂

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Introducing Mozilla’s Contributor Engagement Team

Happy New Year to everyone (better late than never!).

What better way to start 2011 than to make a big and important announcement. Indeed, my good friend and colleague Mary Colvig announced on her blog the creation of a new Contributor Engagement team at Mozilla, which she will lead, and which I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of. Here is Mary’s note, on behalf of the entire team:

“We wanted to share some updates on how we’re hoping to continue to be more effective and grow as a global community in 2011. As we discussed at the Summit and All Hands, one of the ways we’re looking to do this is by building stronger relationships across the project. For example, focusing on over 400 million end-users and creating new, meaningful ways for people to become Mozilla stakeholders and participants. We’ve been working towards this goal with the formation of a User Engagement team led by Jane Finette and our upcoming Join Us program…. And at the same time, we’ve been building out our Developer Engagement team led by Stormy Peters that aims to connect with web developers to support and promote the adoption of open web standards through the Mozilla Developer Network…. As we touched on at the All Hands in December, we’ve also formed a new Contributor Engagement group that will focus on further empowering and supporting Mozillians – individuals that passionately support, champion and contribute to the Mozilla project. The new team includes David Boswell, Mary Colvig, Gen Kanai, Amie Tyrrel and William Quiviger.

Building relationships with the community will still be something we all participate in, but our specific focus is:

  • Make it easier for us to find and communicate with each other.
  • Provide new opportunities and “on-ramps” for participation.
  • Work across teams (both expertise and regions) to help bring even more people into the Mozilla community and foster them.
  • Create and update shared resources to make contributing to Mozilla even better.
  • And more!”


Community is the backbone of the Mozilla Project and it’s incredibly humbling to be part of this community and work to support and strengthen it. We’ve accomplished a lot, but there’s still so much to do, so many opportunities and challenges on the horizon. I encourage everyone interested in the Mozilla project in one way or the other to share your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and questions here.

2011, here we come!

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