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If what you Are looking for is the simplest method to take video gaming to one more degree from Success, you’re inviting where you’ll ensure making cash having to fun your video game. Inspect the video game collection right here previously starting.

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Hanging with the Mozilla Italia crew

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Florence, Italy to meet up with the Mozilla Italia crew. I was there to spend some quality time with them, but also to give them a hand for this year’s Terrafutura sustainable development fair, where they had an exhibition booth.

I was really proud to see Mozilla participating at Terrafutura which is unlike most geek-events we participate in that it’s a non-technical event for everyone and anyone social justice, sustainability, equality and making sure our kids and grand kids live in a healthier, cleaner and more just world.

Of the thousands of visitors who stopped by the Mozilla booth (many of whom are Firefox users), many were surprised to see us there and quite frankly didn’t understand, at first, what Mozilla was doing there. It was heart-warming to see the expression of surprise on their faces slowly morph into one of delight, after we explained to them that Mozilla is a public-benefit organization supported by an army of passionate volunteers committed to making the Internet experience better for everyone. Our raison d’être is to advance the principles of the Mozilla Manifesto. I’m confident that many, if not most of those visitors we spoke to came home to their families at night to tell them what Mozilla Firefox was much more than a web browser. But it was also another reminder that we, the Mozilla community, need to communicate much more and better our mission and why we do what we do.

One way is to participate at more events like Terrafutura. If you know of any in your town or in your country, please do drop me a line, and I’ll make sure Mozilla is present there one way or another.

I’d like to thank Mozilla Italia for being such great hosts, and as always, reminding me how lucky I am to be working with such smart, talented individuals who are so passionate about the Open Web.

On the final day of Terrafutura, I shot a few short video interviews of some members of the Mozilla Italia team, and I asked each one to briefly introduce themselves and share some quick thoughts on the future and what Mozilla could improve or do differently.

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Mozilla at Maker Faire Africa 2010

As I’m writing this, Mozillians extraordinaire Raymond Etornam and Kwamena Appiah-Kubi from Ghana are writing code across the table from me, on a breezy night here in Nairobi. I thought that they’d be ready to call it a night after a grueling flight from Ghana. But no, they’re hacking away well into the night, working on a new JetPack. If that is not passion, i don’t know what is.

We’re in Kenya this week representing Mozilla for the second edition of Maker Faire Africa. MFA is a large two-day event celebrating African ingenuity, innovation and invention, gathering inventors, makers and entrepreneurs from the four corners of the country. Alex Wafula, Nairobi-based Mozilla student rep will be joining us for the event, flanking Ray, Kwame and myself during the different Mozilla workshops we’ll be leading.

mfa_logo_2010MFA is a unique opportunity for Mozilla to reach out to Africans from all ages and from all backgrounds, all driven by a passion to invent and innovate. We hope we’ll spur a lot of interest in the Mozilla Project and recruit lots of new contributors from a region of the world brimming with ingenuity and talent, but where Mozilla has, until now, been relatively absent.

Things kick off tomorrow at 10am, so stay tuned for photos and video clips of what promises to be a seminal event.

Visit The Website : here

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